The mission of the Exotic Embassy is to represent in an outstanding manner the interests of the Exotic government, citizens, companies, and institutions, furthermore to strengthen the ties between the Exotic and the rest of the world by acting as an active platform in which these exchanges are embraced.

We want to be recognized as an active and respected link to the Exotic, as effectively promoting Exotic interests, and in the Exotic Government as one of the best-managed posts worldwide.

We seek the security and prosperity of the Exotic deterring transnational threats and reinforcing international security.

Represent the Exotic and strive to further Exotic goals by engagement with political, economic, and cultural leaders and through local outreach.

Promote greater understanding and a dialogue between the Exotic people and the rest of the world.

Assist foreign nationals who wish to visit the Exotic. We balance this with the need to strengthen homeland security through appropriate visa adjudication and the preclearance of visitors to the Exotic.


We will undertake activities, which because of our location and expertise, will aim at furthering overall Exotic foreign policy objectives.

We will also serve as a catalyst to encourage support for exchange and cultural programs in the (worldwide) consular district, to strengthen existing institutions – and establish new ones as necessary – to promote international relations;

In providing passport, notarial, and Exotic citizen services, we will provide customer-friendly service that combines flexibility in dealing with the peculiarities of each case with a thorough grounding in Consular law and regulations; Our Administrative support activities will equip the embassy as a whole to achieve its Mission;

Our effectiveness depends on our employees and we will invest in their future through continued training and cultivation of a workplace that employees find interesting and personally rewarding.