• If possible, please get appropriate travel insurance before travelling to the Exotic in order to meet any unforeseen expense, such as hospital treatments or medical evaluations due to any kind of pursuit, such as adventure sports activities, in which you intend to undertake during your stay in the Exotic.
  • Just before travelling to the Exotic, register your travel and contact particulars on-line or at your local Embassy or Consulate, so you can be properly reached in case of an emergency.
  • Follow the Exotic law. Consular help can't bypass local Exotic laws and regulations, even where local laws seem severe or unfounded by your country’s benchmarks.
  • Get copies of your passport particulars, travel insurance policy, traveller’s cheques, visas and credit card numbers. Have one copy in a separate location to the originals and leave a copy with a friend or relative at home.
  • Confirm with doctors for facts about recommended vaccinations or any other sort of medical precaution for the Exotic and see about Exotic procedures on travelling with prescription drugs.
  • Leave a copy of your trip itinerary with a friend or relative at home and maintain regular contact with family and friends while in the Exotic.
  • Double check that you have completed all requirements in the visa application as well as accomplished the Eligibility Test. Remember that an Exotic visa only does not guarantee your entry into the Exotic.
The travel advice information on this website does not replace your doctor's advice. Information about travel disease risk in the Exotic and travel vaccination immunisation for the Exotic are drawn from the Centres for Disease Control websites around the world and refers to known health risks in the Exotic.
The travel health information for the Exotic provided does not include any information relating to disease outbreaks, which may occur regularly and with little warning. Please talk to your doctor before you travel to the Exotic for the most up to date travel health and immunisation information.
  • Confirm that you comprehend precisely just what your holiday insurance insures because it is not limitless. It might not protect you from cancellation or alterations to your travel plans.
  • Clear up any kind of planning problem straight with the insurance provider.
  • Confirm that the insurance policy is sufficient for probable costs in the Exotic. Make sure you state any kind of pre-existing health conditions you might have.
  • Protection for baggage and personal possessions is limited and costly products (i.e. cameras, laptops and/or jewellery may have a per-item limit).
Exclusions: Normal exclusions are present on all holiday insurance coverage for example acts of riots, self triggered injuries, loss/theft of unwatched luggage and pre-existing health conditions. Travel insurance plans might be invalidated where injuries are experienced under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Ensure your passport has at least six months validity from your planned date of return to your home country. The Exotic will refuse entry on arrival and some airlines will not allow passengers to board flights if their passport does not meet this requirement.
When is the best time to visit the Exotic?
Any time is a good time to visit the Exotic, so come when your schedule permits, activities and hotel accommodations are available year-round. Keep in mind that the climate and varied terrain does create unpredictable weather patterns throughout the year.
How is the water temperature?
The water is of a perfect swimming temperature any time of the year.
What should I pack?
A valid passport, sun block, light-fresh and comfortable clothing that suits the Exotic’s temperate climate, and a camera are all you need! Nighttime strolls may get a little nippy so bring something warmer if you must, also remember to bring some waterproof gear.
Is it easy to get around?
Absolutely. The Exotic has plenty of accessible public and private means of transportation and they are all safe, efficient and economically convenient.
Can I bring my pet?
No, unfortunately, your pets are not allowed in the Exotic.
How are the Exotic’s medical services?
The Exotic is internationally recognised for its top-notch medical services, both public and private, thanks to its wealth of skilled surgeons and state-of-the-art facilities. For minor aches and pains, visit a local pharmacy. All pharmacies are required to have a licensed pharmacist on staff, and they can diagnose certain ailments and prescribe medication on the spot.
Is the water safe to drink?
Yes. Water is one of our prime natural resources; tap water is potable all over the territory
What is the legal drinking age?
The legal drinking age is 18.
Is it possible to do shopping?
Indeed, all the various types of shopping can be done in the more populated and urban areas.
I have food allergies. Will that be a problem?
No, it will not. Just please inform yourself of where the medical centres are located beforehand. In any case, restaurants are often monitored, so you have nothing to worry about.
I’m a vegetarian/vegan. Will that be a problem?
No, it will not. All different kinds of foods and prime products are available all around the Exotic. Food services easily adapt their menus to fit your needs.
Is the internet widely available?
There is free WiFi service that offers high-speed connections all around for you to be constantly connected.
Can I use my credit card?
Definitely. All major credit cards are accepted in the Exotic. It is certainly possible to go around without cash; most places are equipped for cards.
Are Banks and ATMs easily found?
Yes, do not worry, ATMs and banks are easily found, especially in the more populated areas.
Should I take travel Insurance before visiting the Exotic?
We know that a lot of things can happen from the time you book your holiday to the actual date of your travel so it would be a good precaution to have travel insurance. Most credit card companies have affordable options so feel free to call your bank to ask about them.
Can I enter the exotic with a one-way ticket?
Unfortunately this is not possible, if you are not a passport holder you may only buy a round-trip ticket. If you require more information, please check the visa section.
Do I need an International Driver’s license to drive in the Exotic?
No, your home license is valid in the Exotic. When driving, always carry your passport, or a copy of your passport ID page and entry stamp page, showing proof of legal status in the country.
Is the Exotic Safe?
The Exotic is a very clean and safe place to visit. The people are friendly and there aren't major weather events (like earthquakes or hurricanes) that happen here regularly.
Is it safe to swim in the ocean?
Most beaches are safe for swimming, due to the shape of the bay and the protection of reefs. The sea is also relatively calm although it does have plenty of currents and at any given time harbour conditions might be less safe and dangerous for swimming.
Is it safe to eat local fruits and vegetables?
It is very safe to eat the fruits and vegetables in the Exotic. In fact, the fruits and vegetables are excellent, we recommend exploring local markets or even roadside fruit stands to both see and sample the diversity of the Exotic agriculture.
Can I expect to see wild life and a fascinating biodiversity in the Exotic?
No matter where you go, even in the surrounding hills, you will encounter wildlife. Naturally, different regions are populated by diverse species of plants and animals. Besides the unparalleled density of biodiversity, The Exotic is committed to protecting large swaths of land, replanting and re-growing forests and enabling visitors to safely explore parks and reserves.
Is the Exotic Family Friendly?
The Exotic is undoubtedly one of the most exciting, family-friendly places in the world. For the young biologist, aspiring photographer or poetry student, the Exotic is a safe and exciting place to explore. Families wanting to indulge their child's curiosity can arrange to have a naturalist guide present during parts or for the entirety of their trip. Of course, it's also possible to simply enjoy your time as a family, resting, relaxing and cooking meals together.
Do I need an adapter for my electronics?
No, you don’t, all of the plug points are made in such a way as to being universal for all types of electronic plugs.
How much of the Exotic’s Energy comes from renewable resources?
Currently, the Exotic is meeting most of its energy needs from renewable sources. The mountainous terrain and abundant rainfall has permitted The Exotic to develop hydroelectric power plants, which account for most of the Exotic’s energy needs.
Can I bring shells back home?
No, it is strictly forbidden to take home any sort of shell as well as corals, sand, soil, seeds and other organic materials.
Do I need to bring insect repellent?
Due to our dense biodiversity you may find some areas in which the presence of insects is more pronounced therefore in these cases the usage of repellent is recommended. Different brands of insect repellent products are all available in local pharmacies and markets.
Can I easily get sunburnt?
Remember to always carry around your sun cream. Depending on your skin, the degree of protection (SPF) may vary, if you have forgotten it, do not fret, these are all easily available in local pharmacies and markets.